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Frequently Asked Questions

Does SouthPark Optical warrant their eyeglasses … ?

All regularly priced eyeglass frames carry a one-year warranty against manufacturer defects. Most all plastic lenses we sell come with a one-year warranty with a one-time replacement for scratching.

Do you perform eye exams … ?

No, but we will be happy to refer you to an excellent optometrist or ophthalmologist that will be convenient for you.

How long does it take to make my glasses … ?

In some cases we can make them in an hour. Typically it takes from 1 to 5 working days.

Do you accept my insurance … ?

Yes, we currentlty accept Community Eye insurance, and Surperior Vision insurance. We also accept all MSA, HSA, and FSA cards.  We will be reviewing different insurance plans throughout the year. .

Can scratches be removed from my lenses … ?

No, unfortunately scratches cannot be removed. Doing so would alter your prescription. At SouthPark Optical, most plastic lenses come with a one-year, one-time replacement warranty.

What lens works best for sunglasses … ?

There is no single answer to this question. Ideally, you want to match the type of lens you get to your activities. For example, polarized lenses are generally one of the best types of sun lenses available, but it is a poor choice for pilots. Also, if you golf or play tennis, there are special lenses that can improve your vision on the course or the court. The opticians at SouthPark Optical are well versed in all the latest lens technology and can help you match your lenses to your lifestyle.

Can regular lenses be used for sports … ?

Dress eyewear does not provide the extra level of protection needed for many sports. Sports glasses are designed with specific frames and lenses and are often padded as well to provide maximum performance and protection. For example, all sports glasses we sell at SouthPark Optical have polycarbonate lenses, capable of withstanding the impact of a shotgun blast.

What can help with my night vision … ?

Many eyeglass wearers have sever glare, star bursts and halos when driving at night. Anti-reflective coating treatments are available for lenses to relieve this. The original anti-reflective treatments used in the US were not very effective, but today’s treatments have improved significantly. Come talk to a specialist at SouthPark Optical if you experience difficulties with night vision in your glasses and let us show you how we can help.

How do I know what are the best frames and lenses for me … ?

A skilled optician know the key to proper frame and lens fitting is to look at and listen to the patient. In looking at frame styles on a patient an optician can see how certain frames complement or detract from facial features. Seeing a frame on the face can also tell the optician if a larger or smaller frame is needed. Eyeglasses should not be fitted in sizes like shoes. Eyewear is a fashion accessory and should complement the wearers face. In fitting lenses the optician needs to listen to the patient’s needs and recommend lenses that will best fill them. At SouthPark Optical we discuss a patients lifestyle, work, and recreation. Our recommendation is based on this discussion.

Can I get glasses that will be both clear and sunglasses … ?

Technically yes, The lens is called Transitions or photo-chromic. These lenses will react to ultraviolet light and turn sunglasses dark in the direct sunlight. The catcher to this is direct sunlight. Typically people like sunglasses when they are driving and an automobile windshield absorbs a majority of the ultraviolet light needed to make these glasses get dark. At SouthPark Optical these lenses are sold as comfort tints and a person who needs true sunglasses when driving is recommended to purchase separate sunglasses or a clip.

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